3 Crucial Life Lessons I have Learnt During This Lockdown Phase

3 Crucial Life Lessons I have Learnt During This Lockdown Phase

If life is the greatest teacher, then during these times I have earned my masters degree. 

Sometimes I feel like I am watching a movie. 

Life seems like a satire or dark comedy these days and I was never a fan of both the genre. No, wait, that’s not completely true – I loveee fight club.

But the point I am trying to make here is that during the past few weeks, I have managed to hold on to my sanity (it’s surprising, even for me), upgrade my fitness levels by working out 4 times a week ( home workouts and POPSUGAR fitness came to the rescue) and eating the healthiest shit I can lay my hands on. And not to brag, my cooking skills have gotten really good. 

But most importantly, I have had the time to introspect and journal a lot and here’s what I have discovered. 

3 Life Lessons This Coronavirus Epidemic + Lockdown Has Taught Me.

Lesson 1: The Importance Of Having A Spiritual Life 

I have been meditating, journaling and practising yoga for years now. It started as a hobby and evolved into a daily practice and I am so grateful that I took the time to learn these life skills. Yes, I call them life skills now because these daily practices save me from losing my mind every day.

I am able to manage my anxiety with grace and dignity and even though I am aware that life is never going to the same, I am okay with this awareness.

I do my best every day and then mindfully surrender to ‘what is’ because the situation is beyond my control. All I can do is wash my hands often, stay indoors and try to be healthy. Also Read: 5 Simple Ways To Be Happy Everyday

Here’s a small glimpse of my daily lockdown routine:

  1. Wake up
  2. Oil pull for 20 min and then brush teeth#
  3. Wash face and hands
  4. Drink warm water with lemon
  5. Meditate for 20 min
  6. Write down the days tasks
  7. Finish those tasks
  8. Workout in the evening
  9. Make dinner
  10. Switch off the TV by 9 pm
  11. Read for an hour or so
  12. Meditate for 30 min
  13. Hit the sack

Lesson 2: What Do You Like To Do In Your free time?

I like to read historical fiction drama novels ( I am a big fan of Amitabh Ghosh novels), work on my blog, practice yoga, try new recipes. Before some of my friends used to call me ‘too homely’ and sometimes ‘boring’ because all my favourite activities meant staying in the house. But thank heavens that my hobbies don’t need human interaction or stepping out too much. That’s why its important to develop passions or work on projects which are fun and educative and doesn’t involve hanging around people as often. Also Read: Lavender Oil to Treat Anxiety? Yes, It Works

Not that there’s something wrong with that, but here’s the lesson – ultimate you have to rely on only yourself. Honestly speaking, if your hobbies are to socialise in restaurants or pubs, spend money or shopping, then you are pretty screwed. 

Lesson 3: Crisis or Pressure Will Always Reveals Your True Nature 

If you always thought you were a tough cookie then you must be a walnut by now ( Is that a good example? I cant tell). At least I am. Not able to step out freely and often has brought out the worst and best side of people.

There are those who are recklessly breaking rules, putting their own and others live in danger, cursing and dismissing this whole situation as a conspiracy theory. And there are people who are helping however they can. With kind words of motivation, resources, following the rules and much more.

To be honest, it just takes a little bit heat for the true nature of people to clearly present itself and this pandemic has shown everyone a mirror. A mirror, so big that you can’t look away even if you want to. 

It’s easy to feel fear, stress and anxiety during these time but patience, balance and finding joy from within will take practice. Happiness takes practise and everything you do today will define how you will feel tomorrow. Even after the lockdown ends and things go back to normal, I hope we will never forget this awareness we are feeling collectively right now. Because if we forget, we will never evolve. 

Also, take a look at this video. I think you will enjoy it.


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