This Is The Best Time To Try A Sugar Detox: Here's Why

This Is The Best Time To Try A Sugar Detox: Here’s Why

 How many times have you felt that your energy levels fluctuate in a day? This is because of all the sugar you’ve been consuming is causing your blood sugar level to go up and down constantly. But effective weight loss can only happen when your blood sugar levels normalise.

And this is why a sugar detox diet is so useful.

Side Effects Of A Sugar Detox 

It may be very healthy in the long run, but a sugar detox diet does not come without a few side-effects. Identifying and knowing about them will help you (and your family) deal with them better.

Side Effect 1: Irritability

A common side effect of lack of sugar is the fact that you may get very irritable, frustrated and short-tempered with those around you. Warn your spouse, family and colleagues about it right at the outset so they know how to deal with you accordingly when you get on their nerves.

Side Effect 2: Difficulty

Any diet is easier said than done but nowhere is this more evident than the sugar detox diet. Because it involves getting rid of all sugar, you will not be able to eat any desserts, bread, pasta, heavy grains and carbohydrates. This usually forms a large part of anyone’s diet, so it is going to be extremely difficult to stick to the detox. However, this is where your mental strength comes in. Remember that it is only a matter of three to five days – after that, your body will become somewhat used to the lack of sugar and won’t protest so strongly. But if this feels like a big leap then just start with cutting out all forms of artificial sugar first. Eg: cakes, colas, added sugar and more.

Side Effect 3: Laziness

Yes, you will feel extremely lethargic and moody once you stop taking in sugar. The low energy is a direct result of no ups and downs in the blood sugar levels. However, this means that your body is working hard to purge all the toxins.

Side Effect 4: Illness

It is bound to happen, sometimes psychosomatically and sometimes in actuality. Your body will register headaches which can range from mild ones to supremely unbearable ones. Drinking lots of water and some hot and cold compresses will help greatly.

Benefits Of The Sugar Detox Diet

Now that we’ve warned you about the perils of this diet, here are the resultant benefits.

Benefit 1: Weightloss 

You will notice a difference almost immediately. As your blood sugar levels come back to normal, your weight will start dropping. It is pretty normal to lose between five to 15 pounds in the first 21 days.

Benefit 2: No More Cravings 

While earlier you found it hard to do without desserts and bread, this detox diet will result in greater self-control and fewer cravings once your body gets used to it and once the weight starts falling off.

Benefit 3: Powerhouse Of Energy

The earlier blood highs and lows disappear and levels come down to normal ones. All of this will give you much more energy and happiness in the long run.

Benefit 4: Clarity Of Mind 

You may have noticed that you used to be a lot more spaced out and fixated on food before you started the sugar detox diet.

This is because once you start the diet all the toxins reduce and your thinking becomes sharper and clearer. What’s more, your happiness and enthusiasm for life will rub off on others, helping in your overall development. And now that you are home, its the perfect time to try this diet since you are away from temptations such as ice cream parlours and restaurants. Its not going to be easy for sure, but its going to be worth it. 

It’s needless to say that sugar causes much harm to the body and mind and is weirdly addictive. If you wish to dig deeper, check out this video.


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