I Tried Guided Meditation For Heal My Lower Back Pain

I Tried Guided Meditation For Heal My Lower Back Pain

Last week I woke up with a deep and intense lower back pain. Yes, I just woke up feeling tight and achy and I simply shrugged it off. My sleeping posture must be off and it will pass, that’s what I told myself.

3 days later my pain had escalated and nothing helped. I tried yoga, hot showers, rubbing painkilling cream, applying heat bag, drinking hot tea, stretching….zilch. I was in pain and puzzled because I seldom got such intense lower back strain. Maybe during my periods sometimes, but that’s it.

5 days passed and since I was not feeling any better so I decided to pop an ibuprofen. Personally, I never take painkiller tablets and rather let my body heal naturally, as much as I can. But this pain was getting unendurable and I was very close to letting my morale unbuckle for once.

But the universe intervened and on my, Youtube popped up this guided meditation for chronic pain. To be honest, my lower back pain was nowhere chronic but still, I was aching severely. So with nothing to lose and with the resolve to sit straight during the entire session ( because of my pain I was only during laying down meditation), I brought out my yoga mat, put on the headphone and visualised as the voice instructed me to. It felt really good and the whole session was not too lengthy. Feeling relaxed I went to bed and when I woke up the next day, my lower back pain was gone! Just like that! I was amazed, grateful and really happy.

What did the trick? Maybe it was the positive visualization or just allowing my pain to dissolve by surrendering to it…I not sure. But it worked and my unopened packet of Ibiprofin remains untouched.

So, in case you are going through something similar, give this guided meditation a shot. You have nothing to lose and you can always go back to the painkiller. But first, try this.

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