How to Avoid Weight Gain and Stay Fit During Lockdown

How to Avoid Weight Gain and Stay Fit During Lockdown

 Of course, we are washing our hands every interval. We are taking all the efficient measures to ensure complete safety from the pandemic. But, with that we also are skipping so many activities like going out for a walk, commuting to our workplaces or anything like that. Our activities are limited and a lot of them are happening inside the four walls of our house. 

Mother and kids are indulging themselves in cooking and baking delicious treats every day. Oozing cakes, pizza and spicy goal-gappas. Internet and social-media potentially have encouraged us to turn into master-chefs and eating them without guilt. These moments are collective memories. But, you know what else they are? They can be the reason for the for a vigorous weight gain during this lockdown where movement and outer activities are very less. 

Weight Gain During Lockdown

Baked goods taste delicious, poori and chole are the ultimate comfort foods, but do you know that these foods can make you gain weight very easily? Your quick pancakes are packed with a lot of sugar, you know. Deep-fried food means unnecessary fat to your body. In these scenarios, anyone can gain weight very easily. So, what’s the solution? Should we let the fat outgrow on or body and work even harder in the gym or on the running track when the situations will get back to normal?

By this time, many of you would have digested the fact that this is not a short-term situation. We might not be able to live our lives like we used to live, for a very long time. Even if the lockdown is eased by the government, we still have to follow social-distancing. Gyms would not feel as easy and safe as before. So, what we need is a new way of living and eating that would befriend our body and keeps us fit and fine. Let’s see how we can accomplish that. 

Tips to Stay Fit During Lockdown 

After reading the above, if you getting anxious about your health and weight gain, then don’t be. We also have the perfect solution to avoid weight-gain during lock-down. We will be talking about eating habits, activities and other things that will help you keep your regimen and self-esteem up and high during these tough situations.  

Eat Less and Eat Mindfully 

Eating less does not mean that you have to starve yourself. Eat according to your hunger and do not exceed above that. Eating mindfully means that whenever you eat, do it for the sake of gaining adequate energy and nutrition, not in the intention of just taste. You do not need the energy of 4-5 roties right now when you are sitting inside. Add easier to digest food in your diet, like pulses and vegetables, fruits etc.  

Cut Out Greasy Foods

Your buttery naans can weight for some time. So, can your pizzas and potato wedges. Mind that extra Makhan on your aalu paranthas and go easy on the evening pakoras with chai. Know your body and eating habits. Compare them with your daily activities and act accordingly. 

Exercise Indoor 

Your workout doesn’t always need heavy machinery, wide parks and tracks. You can accommodate your workout at home as well. Stream the YouTube, and you will get an endless list of workout at home videos. Practice yoga. Try aerobic, Zumba or anything that interests you. Take long evening walks on the terrace if you have the facility in your accommodation.

Take Adequate Rest 

No matter how much you work out. If you do not take appropriate rest, it can affect your health. Lockdown has given us the privilege to sleep late at night. Binge-watching, Netflix, staring at your mobile or laptop screens for long hours can disturb your sleeping pattern and this will contribute to your weight gain. That’s why lock-down or no lock-down. Always take a sound sleep and not stay awake for long at night.

Manage Your Sitting Hours 

Work from home means long sitting hours on your chair-desk or your bed or sofa. You can lie down or slant-back easily while working from home. That’s why you very easily can gain weight too. The tip is to take short breaks from the long sittings. Take small walks in your room or living room after your meals. This will keep the unwanted lethargy away and you will feel active throughout the day. 

During these summer times, keep drinking water, keep a bottle and a glass on your desk, so that you never skip a glass an hour. Keep your sugar intake on track practice yoga and meditation for a peaceful mind. 


If you are someone who gains weight very easily, then this time can be your time to gain a lot. You can apply these above tips in your daily life very easily. And even when the lockdown gets eased-up, we still can use these points to stay healthy. Eating natural things instead of packaged and ready to eat foods is very important and home-made food always the best of all.


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