I Replaced My Lunch With A Meal Supplement Drink For 15 Days — Here's What I Realised 

I Replaced My Lunch With A Meal Supplement Drink For 15 Days — Here’s What I Realised 

My eating schedule has been wrecked since the lockdown. No seriously, it was messed up until a few days ago. I ate whenever I felt peckish and often my meals were erratically chosen. I didn’t remember the last time I had a proper breakfast and my lunch was usually around 4 pm ( which was super late for me since I used to eat by 1 pm, sharp).

The main reason for my wretched diet was my lack of motivation to cook. Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook. But only when I am feeling motivated or to try a new recipe. But thanks to the last 60 days, motivation and inspiration were on a sabbatical. And to be honest, cooking all the meals is quite tiring, right? Or is it just me?

Side Effects Of Lethargy 

Not surprisingly, due to my less than exemplary dining habits, I was feeling listless, bloated and unfit even though I was working out every day. The saying, you can’t out-train a bad diet, seemed very apt at that point in my life. So out of desperation, I decided to try something new. 

Then Came The Solution 

I chanced upon a Vita Shake, a Diet Supplement or a Meal Replacement Shake, however, you may wish to call it by a brand called AUUR PRIVEDA. I had never tried a meal replacement drink before so I was pretty sceptical. Why? Firstly because I believed it was for weight loss purpose only which was not my goal. Also, the one important question on my was, ‘Will it keep me full? After all, Its a drink!’. But keeping my doubts aside, I resolved to give it a fair shot for 15 days because I had nothing to lose. 

My plan: Replace my lunch with one glass of Vita Shake and try to have it at 1 pm every day.

Confession: I was secretly thrilled that I didn’t have to ‘cook my lunch’. 

The Routine 

As per the induction on the bottle, I started having one scoop (30G) with 250 ml water every day. The chocolate taste was pretty good and I mixed it cold water, so it kinda tastes like chilled chocolate milk. 

Within 3 days I noticed that I was feeling a bit more energetic and a lot less sluggish. Probably because Vita Shake is crammed with super healthy stuff like Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Green Bean Coffee Extract, Green Tea Extract and Moringa Leaf Extract. Its also gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan and non-gmo. It can’t get healthier than this, can it? 

The best part was that I was feeling full till around 6 pm, which was fantastic (it was my main concern, remember?)

After 15 Days

After seeing the results within 3 days I stuck to a habit of drinking Vita Shake every afternoon for 15 days and now I am no longer a doubter. I have so much energy, my bloatedness has disappeared, I feel fitter ( I have continued my workout plan as usual) and most importantly, since I am not under the pressure to cook lunch, I started cooking a healthy dinner! Yes, double victory! And, Vita Shake is not just for people who are intending to lose weight ( even though the brand says this drink can also assist with that ) but mostly for busy or lazy people like me. 

So, If you are also overwhelmed with cooking or just curious about Vita Shake, you can check out the brand page here. Or order from Amazon here


I loved the convenience of this meal replacement drink and all the goodness it provided. Even though my 15 days trial period is over, I am continuing with my routine. Simply because the energy boost one glass of Vita Shake provides is an absolute clincher for me, personally. As for you, give it a shot and you might turn into a believer as well. 

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