7 Unexpected Acne Breakout Triggers (Sleep Plays A Crucial Role)

7 Unexpected Acne Breakout Triggers (Sleep Plays A Crucial Role)

This is something adults don’t want to deal with because it can be painful and it is quite embarrassing. Below is a closer look at seven unexpected aspects of your daily life that can be causing acne breakouts.


Acne can flare up when you are not getting enough sleep. To combat this, order some clarifying serum to take care of the blemishes while you work on getting your sleep routine under control. Not getting enough sleep disrupts the chemical balance in your skin that helps prevent pimples from occurring.

Hair Styling Products

It is common for hair styling products to cause acne, especially the ones that touch the face. Styling products introduce oil into the forehead which can trap bacteria into your pores. Clogged pores become inflamed, leading to redness, pus, and blackhead (or whiteheads) along your forehead and hairline. Keep in mind that wearing bangs across your forehead will introduce chemicals that can lead to acne.

Facial Hair Removal Products

Topical products applied to your skin before and after hair removal can clog your pores and lead to acne. Many times, itchy bumps can occur after hair removal. To correct this, apply a warm compress three to four times throughout the day.

Cell Phone Usage

Cell phones are huge culprits when it comes to collecting and transferring bacteria. For instance, your phone comes into contact with various surfaces throughout the day. It picks up the bacteria and when you talk on the phone, you put the bacteria and dust the phone has collected close to your mouth and skin. To help prevent this, clean your phone with an alcohol wipe daily.


It’s no surprise that stress levels increase your chances of getting an acne breakout. Too much stress can lead to hormonal changes and a release of inflammatory chemicals. To prevent stress-related acne, try to find a way to calm your nerves. Examples include yoga, deep breathing, or watching a funny movie. Also Read: 3 Activities You May Be Doing That Are Increasing Your Stress

Your Diet

A diet high in processed food and refined carbohydrates can cause acne breakouts. Foods such as white bread, pasta, cake, cookies, crackers, and so much more can lead to a breakout if eaten regularly. Studies show that there might be a possible link between acne and dairy products. Also Read: Is It Possible to Eat Your Way To A Healthy Skin? These 10 Foods Are A Good Start


Travelling is great for the soul, but may not be so wonderful for your face. The changes in the environment, heat, sun, and humidity may trigger an acne breakout. Because your skin is not used to your new environment, it reacts, and sometimes that reaction leads to acne. To combat this, protect your skin from the sun by using sunscreen and wear a hat whenever possible.

When you are travelling, do not purchase new skincare products to try during your trip. Your skin is trying to adapt to a new environment, and the stress of new products may not be good for it.

Acne can occur at any point in your life. Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent and combat it. Try to take care of it on your own, and if that does not work, consult with a dermatologist or a medical spa to see what treatment plans or products they recommend.

Interested in knowing a good acne skincare routine? Then checkout this video!

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