Aligning Your Teeth: The 3 Phases of Orthodontic Treatment

Aligning Your Teeth: The 3 Phases of Orthodontic Treatment

Dentists refer their patients to an orthodontist when the teeth are overcrowded and when the alignment is affecting the bite. Several reasons attribute to the necessity for orthodontic care. Some orthodontists manage wisdom tooth extractions and other surgical repairs required to restore the teeth. Reviewing the three phases of orthodontic care shows patients what to expect if they are facing alignment issues and need braces.

1. The Planning Stage

The planning stage starts with the initial consultation where the dentist examines the teeth and completes x-rays of the patient’s teeth. The dental professional must determine what type of braces will straighten the teeth and bring the teeth back into proper alignment. The orthodontist explains what the patient’s options are, and the office staff gets estimates from the dental coverage provider. Patients learn how much their orthodontic care will cost them according to what style of braces the individual chooses. Also Read: Toothache? This Is The Best Natural Remedy!

Patients work with their orthodontist determine what option meets the person’s lifestyle and won’t present too many hindrances. The dental professional discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each selection along with what result the patient can expect according to their decision. If the orthodontist must extract some teeth due to overcrowding, the extractions are scheduled and executed before any braces are installed. Patients can review their options and learn what to expect during the consultation by visiting now.

2. The Active Phase

This phase involves installing permanent braces onto the patient’s teeth. With ceramic and metal braces, the brackets are cemented onto the teeth, and wires are connected through the brackets on each tooth. A hinge is created to restrict the movement of the mouth. The braces force the teeth back into alignment. Ceramic and metal braces are worn up to two years for maximum straightening.

Invisalign braces are an alternative to ceramic and metal braces. The dental professional creates a mould of the patient’s teeth, and the braces are fitted against the teeth. Patients can remove the braces to brush and floss their teeth. The patients can also remove braces when eating. A new set of braces is provided at 6-week intervals until the teeth are completely straight. Also Read: Why Are You Not Oil Pulling Yet?

3. The Retention Phase

The final stage starts with the removal of any permanently installed braces and wires. The orthodontist provides a retainer for the patient to use to keep the teeth in proper alignment. They might also provide a mouthguard to prevent tooth damage if the patient grinds their teeth in their sleep. If the retainer doesn’t work effectively, the dental professional might recommend additional orthodontic treatments such as prescribing Invisalign to patients that had metal or ceramic braces previously. If any tooth is pushed out of alignment, the orthodontist provides a device to push the tooth back into place. Retailers are typically quite effective for maintaining alignment.

Dental patients visit an orthodontist at the recommendation of their dental professional. Orthodontic services involve the installation of braces, assessments of the alignment, and surgical corrections. The orthodontists will perform oral surgeries including the removal of impacted wisdom teeth. However, alignment is the most popular reason to visit dental professionals.

Patients have three primary choices when it comes to braces, and they include ceramic, metal, and Invisalign braces. Reviewing the stages of orthodontic treatment shows patients what to expect during each appointment.

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