These 3 Fitness Bands Will Motivate You To Get Fit

These 3 Fitness Bands Will Motivate You To Get Fit

You live an active lifestyle and often tell yourself that you’re getting “enough” exercise. But are you?

Well, it’s easy to know exactly how much effort you’re putting into your fitness when you wear a fitness band! The reaped benefits of these wearables are a no-brainer. Experts will tell you that if you want to stick to a new habit, monitoring is one of the best ways to make a change. Tracking also brings you back to reality. Because, really, even if it feels like you had to walk 10 kms to make that appointment after an unsuccessful hunt for a cab, you probably didn’t. Let’s be honest —a lot of us tend to overestimate how much activity we’re getting and underestimate how many calories we’re eating.

These 3 fitness bands help take all guesswork out of the game!

Xiaomi MI Band

Xiaomi MI Band

Xiaomi MI Band, INR 799

Easy on the pocket, the Xiami MI Band looks cute, and does its job without a hitch! Yes, it lacks a display screen, but you can connect it to the Mi Fit app for Android and iOS to monitor your physical activity, calories burnt, sleep quality and wake time.

When used with a phone, the band can track your walking route using GPS. We love its smart alarm feature!

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band


Garmin Vivofit 2 Black, INR 7999

Keeps a check on your activity level and gives a personalised goal on a daily level, the Garmin Vivofit features water-resistant technology to help you go an extra mile. Tracks steps count, monitors sleep, calories burned, distance covered and time of day while it also has a sleep quality tracker.

Sync with the Vivofit App for Android and iOS and keeps you motivated by setting daily/weekly challenges for you, based on your activity levels.

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker


Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker in Teal/Silver, INR 12,999

The Fitbit Alta is a stylish fitness tracker with swappable bands, basic phone notifications and week-long battery life. The new “Move” alerts bring something new — giving you friendly reminders to move and celebrating when you do. Fitbit’s software is still one of our favourites, and has the largest social base as well. or a more comprehensive list of the best fitness bands in India, you can read this guide on What A Watch.

It not only tracks steps and calories expended, it also automatically recognises and records exercises for you, so you can keep track of your workouts without ever pushing a button.

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