The Best Stretches For Painfully Stiff Neck And Shoulder

The Best Stretches For Painfully Stiff Neck And Shoulder

I never knew how painful it can be until I got it myself.

One day not so long ago, I woke with a stick and painful neck. It was so bad that I could barely move from neck side to side. The worst part is that the pain radiated through my shoulders and midback. It was terrible!

I tried everything! Pain balms, hot compress, cold compress, neck yoga…you name it! All I would get is some temporary relief before my neck would become stiff as a board again. And on top of this, I couldn’t do any HIIT workouts because the impact would make my scream with pain.

Needless to say, it wasn’t fun at all.

And then the universe heard my prayers and I found this video ( Actually my sister sent me this after hearing my moan about my pain incessantly).

I practised the moves on the video back to back 3 times and I felt such intense relief that I had tears in my eyes. My neck muscles loosened up considerably and I felt the pain easing out of my shoulders, one stretch at a time.

After 3 days of practice twice a day, my neck pain has vanished.

So, in case you have been feeling some tension in your neck and shoulder and are just unable to shake it off, I highly recommend that you give this video a shout. Just follow her actions ( there are no instructions) and I guarantee you will find deep relief.

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