Review: I Tried Period Panties And It blew my mind

I was 28 when I tried tampons for  the first time. All the years before, I had experimented with all kinds of sanitary pads – with wings or without, thin, ultra thin, extra absorbency, cheap, expensive, super expensive.  But no matter what I tried, the results were more or less the same. I was always worried of staining my clothes, had to plan my outfits in advance based on my period days, eg: no light coloured clothes.  And most importantly, I had to find sneaky ways to dispose my pads ( I usable carried small, back plastic bags with me to wrap it in before chucking it in the garbage).

So when I discovered tampons, my life changed for the good.  I was thrilled to realise to how effective a small stick of cotton could be. I didn’t worry about stainning myself and disposing a used tampons got way simpler.  

But I become more aware, read more and just expanded my horizon, I realised that most tampons are not biodegradable. Yup. Also, the ones which are, take a long time to degrade. It’s okay to flush the compostable ones, but most water-waste systems can’t deal with items like tampons. Also Read: Dealing With Period Pain Naturally

The truth is that standard or regular tampons come from plastic materials and plastic takes quite a while to biodegrade, sometimes reaching as long as 500 years. So, here’s what I realised: when I use a tampon and dispose of it, it lands up in a landfill and then has no chance of decomposing within our lifetime. Read More.

That was soul jousting because I realised that I was part of the problem. 

So, I started looking out for an alternative. Tried Diva cups and I HATED IT. It felt like a piece of wood was stuck inside my vagina and it was awful!

But then I discovered period panties. But to be fair, I was really apprehensive because I was just not sure how much can a panty absorb. 

  • Wont the blood just leak through the cloth?
  • It will feel sticky and weird, though?
  • Can I workout with them on?
  • It sounds weird.


Good quality period panties are awesome. PERIOD. They are made from leak-proof material and can hold unto the menstrual blog of tampons. Since my flow is heavy I use the heavy absorbency panties and I am never looking back! When travelling I carry an extra pairs with me and when needed to just slip into a new dry one, simple! Also Read: Every Busy Woman Needs This Period Panties

It does not leak ( I put them on at night before sleeping), does not feel sticky or weird and I do workout in them as well. I hand wash the panties with cold water and light soap and let them out to dry, thats it. The only disadvantage is that they take a long time to try because its made from a special absorbent material. But since I own three pairs, I just alternate. Also Read: Do You Know About This Worst Form Of PMS?


Period panties may sound weird but its absolutely worth a shot. Specially if you are not a big fan of sanitary products and how unsustainable they are for the world. I have been using mine since the past 6 months and its the best money I have spent on myself. Its easy to use, super comfortable and I feel better knowing that in way, this small step is freeing us from endless amounts of landfill. 

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