healthy sugar options

Review: I TRIED the most delicious guilt-free desserts ( they are not fruits!)

It’s time to end our love-hate relationship with sugar.

Ideal world: No sugar at all, whole organic diet and when sweet cravings raise their ugly head, we snack on a healthy piece of fruit.

Real-world: Sometimes we don’t want fruit. We want a real dessert with chocolate. Is it too much to ask for?

No, it’s not. But these days sugar has a bad rep and linked with any and every illness imaginable. And top of that, sugar is crazy addictive. I am not even kidding. Previously I had written about how I had given sugar up for 15 and how terrible it was for me. 

The truth is, I love sugar. I love my occasional java chip frappe from Starbucks. I love macaroons, brownie and tiramisu and when I do have them, I keep aside all sense of guilt and truly enjoy them. But when it comes to daily indulgences, I have been struggling. Also Read: 5 Rules of Eating You Should Follow During Lockdown

I need something sweet after dinner to feel fully satisfied and fruits haven’t been cutting it lately. I usually keep sliced watermelon or grapes in the freezer but I have been craving chocolate or something a bit more fulfilling. But since I am also on a high protein diet right now ( trying to gain more lean muscle), I have not allowed myself to opt for something heavier like ice cream or gelato. Also Read: Women, What You Eat M


A – too much sugar, AKA, addictive.

B- cant be eaten daily even if I control my portions. 

Then the universe heard my dessert starved prayers and I came across two products from the brand My Protein – Baked Protein Cookie ( double chocolate) and Vegan Carb Crusher ( coco peanut).

If You Love Chocolate 

This baked protein cookie is health god sent, not even exaggerating. Baked with coconut oil and pea protein – they’re completely vegan ( YASSSSS!) and each cookie is also generously loaded with sprinkled with dark chocolate pieces. Did I mention it has 13g of protein? It’s delicious and satisfies all the sugar cravings!

How to have it: You can make it slightly warm in the microwave or just straight out of the packet as I did. 

When to have it: Post-meal is best. 

You can buy it here.

Carb Crusher

This entire Vegan Carb Crusher bar has only 2g of sugar! That’s it! This fact was more than enough for me to get hooked. On top of that, 15g of protein and it’s also vegan!! Even though this one is a snack, I tried it after dinner as a dessert and it was goooooooodddd. Although, it was a bit heavy so I cut it into 3 pieces and had it over three days.

How to have it: Straight out of the packet. 

When to have it: After an intense workout or whenever the mood strikes.

You can buy it here. 

Now What?

I like to enjoy all the good things in life and I believe sugar is one of them. But we always must choose what’s best for our body and once in a while, indulge our cravings as well. So if you are also seeking satisfying and delicious dessert alternatives which you can have every day, I recommend that you give the above options a try.

If not, you will always have fruits.

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