The 3 Step Morning Routine That Can Change Your Life

Try tHis routine every Morning To fEEL MORE mentally BALANCED

Mornings are tricky. Most of us just roll out of bed after scrolling through our emails and social media platforms for a good 10 minutes. Then begins the crazy rush to get ready, grab a cup of coffee, mentally plan the day in a haphazard manner before rushing out of the door to get to work.

This is a chaotic, crazy and absolutely unproductive way to start the day, to say the least.

Why? Because instead of preparing the body and mind to face the day in a calm, collected and expectant manner, we train ourselves to simply ‘get shit done’ without any focus or intention.

That’s why it’s important to have a morning ritual, whereby ever simple it might be. This ritual is basically the time you set aside for yourself before the day begins so that you are ready to step into the world confidence and calmness.

Below mentioned are the three things you can and should every morning to start your day.

Step 1: Leave Your Phone Alone, Oil Pull Instead

Cold pressed coconut oil for oil pulling

You are up and itching to check your Instagram feed, right? Well, checking mindless photos first thing in the morning won’t add any value to your life or day so leave your phone alone and oil pull instead. If you are not aware of the benefits of oil pulling in the morning yet, then its time to educate yourself.

The benefits of oil pulling first in the morning with either cold pressed coconut/sesame oil includes:

  • Elimination of toxins and mouth bacteria
  • Whitening of teeth
  • Fresh breath

The list of benefits is rather long so if you are still conflicted then its time to ask Why Are You NOT oil Pulling Yet?

Step 2: Now, Drink A Glass Of Celery Juice

Fresh Celery Juice

Yes, not coffee but celery juice. This latest trend has taken over social media but for all the right reasons. A glass of celery juice consumed on an empty stomach will calm the nervous system, improve gut flora, enhance your mood, aid in weight loss, eliminate chronic fatigue syndrome and so much more.

You read about the 5 Powerful Healing Benefits Of Celery Juice to get excited about the process. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

All you need is fresh celery sticks, thoroughly cleaned and then run it through a juicer. Don’t have a juicer? No problem. Blend it in a blender, strain and drink immediately.

Now Meditate for 15 Min

Meditation means focussing on yourself

This should be probably the most important step of your morning routine because the 15-20 minutes you will spend on your mat, will decide your day for you. The mind is like a drunk monkey and it will try to take over your life unless you tame it first. And sitting quietly while softly focusing on your breath will help you attain that. Meditation is not about chanting a mantra ( but if you like to do that, go ahead!) but it’s about diving inside your centre and focusing on the silence and well being.

If you already meditate and then Meditation Cushions Will Make Your Practice Stronger.

That’s why once you start meditating daily, you will notice that you are a less anxious, fidgety and deep sense of calm has washed over you. And you really don’t sweat the small stuff. Now, isn’t that the goal behind everything? Here are 5 Simple Ways To Be Happy Everyday

The above-mentioned steps are simple and yet highly effective and all it takes is the decision to be better and to do things differently. Life on an autopilot mode might be efficient but it’s also soul-crushing. So decide today that YOU WILL evolve and the rest will follow.


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