Review: Reliable Or A Waste Of Time? My Experience With the Online Grocery Store – Super Organic Market

If nothing else, the COVID pandemic has taught me the value of a good and reliable online grocery service. Indirectly, it has also motivated me to expand my shopping horizon beyond the pages of Amazon. 

To be honest, I rely on Amazon a lot. Especially last year during the peak of lockdown, Amazon saved the day for my family as I ordered extensive amounts of groceries, health supplements, spices, appliances and even clothes. It was a reliable and efficient source and no matter what the haters say, I have no judgments of the brand. Also Read: How To Avoid Weight Gain During Lockdown

But Home Grown Business All The Way

But I am also a big enthusiast and supporter of local businesses and in the pre- COVID /lockdown world, I obtained most of my groceries from the local Kirana store, farmers market and multiple e-commerce brands. It gave me a great deal of pleasure and joy to encourage homegrown brands because I recognised the amount of blood, sweat and hard work it takes to build a label from scratch ( In the past, I have worked with multiple startup brands as their Head of Content). Also Read: Covid, Lockdown Panic and Mental Health: How To Remain Sane?

Then Things Changed 

But the lockdown changed a lot. Local stores were open for only an insufficient amount of hours and the lines were long. Farmers markets were cancelled or were running at packed capacity for a short period every day. And the worst of all, many online shops quit delivering to my pin-code ( I live in the suburbs).

It was super frustrating and frankly a bit biased but I had other things to worry about than calling out this behaviour ( like making sure the internet was working at all times so I could continue working, sigh). 

Then Google came to the rescue.

Super Organic Market, You Have My Attention 

Oh yes, you do. I discovered this online store while looking for organic products and received a few stuff mostly cooking oils, ghee and stuff. On their website, the products looked varied but I was sceptical because I was not sure how long they will take to deliver ( even though the promised delivery within 2 days). Also, I was used to the predictable format of shopping from Amazon ( Yea, I know how it sounds!).

But I was pleasantly surprised because they delivered the products within the promised time. Score 1 = Super Organic Market.

I perused their website in detail later and they have a really good collection of organic oils, spices, snacks, dried fruits, personal and home stuff, health supplements, products for mother and child and much more.

The website is designed simply and efficiently and the whole section and buying process was super smooth. Confession: I hate complicated and jazzy websites which try too hard. 

Did I mention, they only sell organic products?

It Is Good To Have Options, Right?

They have a wide range of products from 40+ brands

Super Organic Market was founded in 2020 and I feel like I have manifested its existence in some way. I love organic products and thoughtful brands which work towards providing helpful and necessary goods, services and products, especially during these challenging times. Super Organic Market has a great selection of everyday items which is needed in every household, which I love.

My desire for them? They start selling fresh organic fruits and vegetables as well! Ah, simple dreams make me happy! And even though I still miss my leisurely shopping sessions at the farmers market, until that commences again I am perfectly happy with Super Organic Market. 

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