5 Products and Exercises for Managing Lower Back Pain

Patients with lower back pain must visit their doctor to find out the cause of their pain and discomfort. When addressing lower back pain, doctors may recommend a variety of treatments, exercises, and products to decrease symptoms. Many of these options are available at little to no cost to the patients.

1. Perform Exercises Specifically For Lower Back Pain

With physiotherapy ottawa, the patient learns more about exercises that strengthen the core and help support the back more effectively. When setting up a care plan for the patient, the physiotherapist includes exercises such as bridges where the patient lies on the floor and pushes the rear and back toward.

Knee-to-chest stretches help the muscles relax, and leg lifts are also beneficial for stretching the back muscles and relieving tension. Many therapists may recommend yoga poses and palates to stretch the muscles and allow them to relax.

2. Maintain Proper Posture

Proper posture takes the pressure off the lower back and forces the muscles upward. Patients who are suffering from lower back pain see an increase in symptoms if they do not maintain their posture. In fact, improper posture applies more pressure to the back and allows the back muscles to weaken.

It is vital for the patient to become more aware of their posture and make a dedicated effort to stand erect and maintain their posture when they are in a seated position. This can decrease lower back pain and keep the back muscles stronger over time.

3. Maintain A Healthy Weight

Patients should maintain a healthy weight if they are suffering from lower back pain. Many doctors recommend starting a new diet and exercise program to lose weight when their weight is causing back pain. Strength training, walking, and other cardio exercises help patients lose weight quickly. If they start a healthier diet in addition to starting a new exercise plan, their efforts will be more successful.

4. Medicated Creams and Rubs

OTC medicated creams and rubs are applied to the lower back to decrease pain and discomfort. The patient can get the medicated creams and rubs from pharmacies or other stores that sell health products. They can apply the creams and rubs at any time and get fast relief from the pain and discomfort caused by the lower back pain. The medications in the creams will absorb into the skin and penetrate deep inside the muscles.

5. Is It Time for a New Mattress?

For many patients, their mattress is the culprit causing lower back pain. Most mattresses last for no more than ten years and could become misshapen. Once the mattress has become too old, it will not support the patient’s back and body appropriately, and they could experience pain and discomfort as their pressure points are engaged.

If patients discover that their mattress is causing lower back pain, it is vital for them to find a new mattress. Patients with lower back pain need a medium-firm mattress to provide adequate support. They can get recommendations from their doctor to find the best mattress to address their pain and discomfort.

Patients with lower back pain may experience pain and discomfort more frequently if they are not at a healthy weight or if they do not exercise frequently. Doctors may address lower back pain by setting up a care plan for the patient and providing them with physiotherapy. By reviewing exercises and products that help with lower back pain, patients control their symptoms more effectively.

Still need some help? Try these yoga poses for back pain.

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