Intense ( sweaty and fabulous!) 1 hour workout

This. Workout. Is. Amazing.

No, kidding. Well, my friends, I haven’t seen the inside of my gym for well over a year now and my fitness level had fluctuated a fit. I took it easy and snacked often on cold coffee, chips and gelato. Well, now I see the problem. 

But when I realised that skipping workouts directly affected my mood and my waistline, I created a home workout routine where I exercised for at least 30 min, 4-5 times per week. On top of that, a moderately healthy diet of less gluten and sugar has served me well. I still eat chips, but less often and avoid snacking as much as possible. And thankfully, my body responded well. 

My body fat is lower and I feel great! Also Read: Not Able To Shake Off The Last Few Kilos? Here’s Why

The truth is, I just feel more stable mentally and physically when I work out regularly. I eat better, sleep soundly and my meditation practice is deeper. During the peak of the COVID crisis last year, a regular practice of working out and mediation kept me going and I am not exaggerating at all. Also Read: Get Fit With This Full 40 Min Home Workout 

Today I tried this super sweaty 1-hour workout and I loved it! It’s intense, works for all the muscle groups and will leave you exhausted, but you will feel so good afterwards. Trust me. 

So eat a pre-workout snack ( I prefer a banana), wear some compy clothes and get movings. You deserve it. 

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