Karewise- Revolutionizing the Healthcare Services in India

KareWise, a healthcare website aimed to make a difference in the lives of elders and seniors in India, has been launched in India in May 2021.

This healthcare website’s core agenda is to give those senior members of society a chance at a good life whose loved ones aren’t around to take care of them for some reason. Similarly, KareWise provides peace of mind to those who can’t reach their beloved senior’s in a time of need.

The men behind this astounding idea, Sandeep and his brother Naveen had only one thing in mind when they decided to devise a healthcare platform. That is to provide top-notch healthcare and social services to the elders without assistance in carrying out their everyday activities. The idea of creating a healthcare platform did not just come out of nowhere, but these brothers have had their share of trauma that has led them to create a platform where elderly care will be provided without any hassle.


“We live in England to find better-earning opportunities, and we were doing great. Our parents choose to live in their homeland, India. My parents used to visit the UK regularly, and we went to India many times a year to check up on their health. Everything was going great, but on the fateful day of 22 November 2019, our world came crashing down when our mother was diagnosed with kidney failure. We were already in a fix, and then the pandemic hit the world, which added the worst to our situation.

All the flights got canceled. Our parents were left alone with no assistance in India in this time of calamity. We were very concerned about our parents because we couldn’t reach them. Our worst nightmare was that our maa was going through kidney failure, and we couldn’t do anything to assist her or my dad. Even talking about this shakes us to the core. Imagine the panic of sons who couldn’t reach their parents at the time of need and had no one back in India to take care of them. We were devastated. Things did not get better, all that we wanted for our parents to be taken care of. We searched for local care providers back in India to look after our parents but failed as we couldn’t find any reliable source or caregivers that would reach our parents immediately when in need. Then we thought we couldn’t let other families like ours go through the emotional turmoil and stress like us. That’s when this idea of a local healthcare service platform hit our minds.

 “KareWise is equally gainful to the caregivers as it is to care seekers”

The job market in India was already suffering, and the pandemic added worse to the situation. In these desperate times, everyone would use some flexible jobs to earn an extra amount. By signing up to become a caregiver, a person pledges to provide his services and get paid for them. KareWise’s flexible working hours help people make some money out of their free time.


“Our platform is rewarding to both the caregivers and care seekers. We connect two individuals in need, one in need to care and the other in need of an earning source. There’s absolutely no third party involved, so the carers can earn a reasonable amount without submitting some to the agency. Care seekers can get healthcare or social services whenever they need and at the most affordable prices. The best part is you get the help or provide one in your vicinity, so if there’s an emergency, the carers can reach the location in no time”.

There are a lot of healthcare and social services operating in India. What makes KareWise stand among the rest is unlike conventional healthcare providers, KareWise doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and saves you from the hassle of all the formalities that other healthcare needs you to fulfill before getting their services. KareWise is fast, affordable, reliable and aims to improve India’s living standards.  


We’re Karewise a website built to improve lives of families, committed to excellent service, and building loving communities of elders and carers, we as a family in this together. Here at KareWise.com, we are driven singularly by our very important goal: to improve the lives of all elderly people. This comes in many forms, providing professional local carers near home to your loved ones, enabling them to walk again, a smile that helps to stop your elderly from being sad, or a simple treat from the local shop that simply promotes happiness and health of your loved ones.

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