I tried journaling FOR 30 days and This is what I realised

AHH… as a lazy and overthinking dude, it was challenging and crucial for me to start it. we all know how therapeutic journaling can be and also the fact of how inconsistent the human race can be. Of course, I started my DAY 1 like a heroine of a movie, sipping coffee with a classic pen in my hand over a cute diary. On day one, I wrote my running thoughts slowly in the most beautiful handwriting which continued till day 3, and boom I felt sick of it. Also Read: Why the sudden rise in eating disorders?

On day 4 luckily I realized the meaning of the journal as a personal time where you puke your mind out, where you could doddle and condition your mind towards self-growth. with the growing boredom, I decided to add some questions like Am I happy with the day I spend today? what’s the best thing I did today or what I can do better tomorrow. 

For few days I had to force myself out of bed but moving on I got used to it after 15 days but couldn’t see the benefits of journaling, it was helping me to clear my thoughts a little bit and taking off the burden of my head but as such no change or improvement in my life.

When I finally completed 30 days and read some previous pages, ”what the hell I keep thinking” was my reaction to it and trust me judging yourself as a 3rd person can be fun. Now lets talk about the process. You see, when it comes to writing, I am old fashioned. I can’t write down my deepest thoughts on the computer, my IPAD, or my phone because it doesn’t feel personal. It does not feel like me. I prefer (and love!) the feel of a beautiful, handmade diary in my hand, complete with a classic pen. Add to that a cup of hot tea, and I am blissful. 


To achieve your goals you need to keep them in your fresh memory 

The basic thing I realized about journaling is it creates a mirror where you can see your thoughts and find out what is important and what’s not. The thing I noticed was I got clear about my goals and as they stayed in my head I GOT PRODUCTIVE.

Be mindful of the energy you allow in your brain

Our brain is a garden as we hold on to our messy thoughts we keep growing weed in it. Sometimes negative thoughts and emotions can run on a loop in our heads. Journaling can help in detangling your thoughts and acknowledging things your fears and things you stress about.


ABSOLUTELY YES ! and if you are a overthinker like me, this can be a really good experiment.

journaling would not a life changing habit but it’s a must have habit


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