Weighted Blankets for Anxiety: Does It Work?

Weighted Blankets for Anxiety and Insomnia: Does It Work?

We live in a fast-paced world where success is measured by job titles and bank balances.

We neither have the time to focus on our physical and mental health nor do what we enjoy. In addition, we have our gadgets eating away a major chunk of our so-called free time. As a result, falling asleep as well as having a good night’s sleep has become a challenge of its own. Due to these poor lifestyle choices, we end up being a victim of the infamous trio – stress, anxiety and insomnia

If you have tried every trick in the book- hot bath, chamomile tea, spa music, essential oils, scented candles and still end up cursing your morning alarm every day, then weighted blankets is a product you should explore.

Weighted Blankets? What Are They?

Well, as the name suggests, weighted blankets are heavy therapy blankets used for relieving stress and anxiety, and promoting a good night’s sleep. They are purposefully filled with glass beads or plastic pellets and typically weigh anywhere between 3-13 kg. Similar to regular covers, most companies make them in King, Queen and Twin sizes.

What Does It Do?

Everybody loves a hug, and as much as we hate to admit, we do miss being tucked into bed every night and slipping into oblivion right away.

Just like a hug or a massage, these blankets provide a calming and soothing sensation so we can snuggle like a bunny and drift off. Since they are integrated with pellets or beads, the blanket moulds to the body and adapts itself to their shape with evenly distributed pressure. 

Naturally, there is a sense of comfort that makes the mind believe that all is well with the world. The magic happens when the levels of feel-good hormones increase in the brain as a result of the feeling of well-being it provides. 

Should You Get A Weighted Blanket?

Studies show that those with insomnia (sleep disorder) or anxiety issues greatly benefit from the therapeutic effects of a weighted blanket. In addition, it also can benefit those with:

  • Mood disorders
  • Depression
  • Nervous disorders
  • Those experiencing panic attacks

They can also be safely used by those with arthritis (joint pain), fibromyalgia (muscle pain) and other painful conditions. Also Read: I TRIED JOURNALING FOR 30 DAYS AND THIS IS WHAT I REALISED

Where To Get It From?

We’ve rounded up some links for you here.

Does it help With Anxiety and Depression?

According to research, these therapy blankets have been proven to be a safe option but does not replace traditional options like mental health counselling or prescribed medicines. So don’t stop your counselling sessions just because you decided to get a blanket.

Yes, it is an additional tool because it calms the mind and helps the body relax due to the effect of deep pressure therapy (DPT), similar to acupressure. It has proven to reduce the levels of stress hormones and result in sound sleep. Thus, they manage these conditions by grounding the body downwards. Also Read: TRY THIS ROUTINE EVERY MORNING TO FEEL MORE MENTALLY BALANCED

Final Takeaway

Weighted blankets provide the sense of security and assurance that is often missing from our lives. Although they may seem expensive, investing in one would might do a world of good for your mental health and consequently your productivity.

When you are calm, well-rested and refreshed, you are bound to be the best version of yourself. So, try this for yourself and see if it helps. Also Read: IS CHRONIC POSITIVE THINKING BAD FOR YOU?

This YouTuber tried a weighted blanket for 30 days. This is what she has to say about it.

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