3 Useful Tips to Get Your Body And Mind Ready For Winter 

3 Useful Tips to Get Your Body And Mind Ready For Winter 

As hard as it is to admit, the warm months of summer sun are behind us. As the warmth of autumnal October days transitions to cool, crisp nights, it’s time to prepare for the colder winter months and the ways it affects our bodies.

For men, winter can be a time to take care of your body’s physical well-being as well as your appearance. So what are a few ways you can make the dark, chilly winter months work for you? Also Read: HEALTHY VEGAN TACOS FOR SPECIAL DAYS

Continue reading along for a few fool-proof ways you can get your body winter-ready from taking care of your emotional wellness to finding a workout routine, and more. Also Read: 3 SIMPLE WAYS TO TACKLE WINTER FATIGUE

Take More Time for Working Out

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As the colder winter months approach and beach season is firmly in the rearview mirror, don’t let a negative mindset creep into your fitness regimen. If anything, use this as a time to get outdoors and pick up your workouts. Yes, outside, even in the cold! With the daylight being shorter, and more time spent indoors, your body will appreciate the time outdoors soaking in any natural Vitamin D it can bask in. 

The options for outdoor workouts are numerous and getting outdoors has several health benefits, so there’s no reason not to! Working out outdoors can help your body release feel-good hormones which will help reduce stress. However, make sure you take more time for your outdoor workouts in the cooler months. As great as it is to get outside and move, a proper warm-up and cool down with stretching is vital to prepare your body for the rigours of the weather and strain, as well as recovery after the fact. 

PRIORITISE Your Mental Health

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As you work to prepare your body for the shorter, colder days of winter through physical workouts and self-care, you should also be aware of the potential for seasonal affective disorders. Commonly referred to as S.A.D., the spurts of feeling down or depression you can feel seasonally, winter especially, despite the holidays, can take a toll on your mental health. The weather, combined with going out less and seeing people all impact your mental state. Also Read: WEIGHTED BLANKETS FOR ANXIETY AND INSOMNIA: DOES IT WORK?

If you’re someone who knows this has happened to you in the past, start now to mitigate the risks of feeling the side effects of S.A.D.

Begin by planning a weekly hangout with friends to a new restaurant or to watch a favourite show or movie, get lost in fun winter hobbies, or even plan a trip to somewhere warm! If you find your mood fluctuating more than usual, or are shutting yourself off to friends, talking to an online psychiatrist is a great outlet to voice how you’re feeling in a confidential setting with a professional. A psychiatrist will be able to properly diagnose your condition and prescribe any medication if necessary.

Refine Your Self-Care Routine

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While you’re honing in on what workout program is best for you or layering up to brave the elements on your next run, you’re already taking the first step in refining your self-care routine. The winter months can run rampant on our bodies in more ways than one.

From less activity leading to decreased hair growth, or the effects cold and dry air has on our skin, winter can wreak havoc on your overall appearance. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to combat the winter blues on our skin and appearance. 

If you haven’t already, it’s time to get into a regular self-care routine.

If you’re a guy and you’re already suffering from hair loss, getting up and moving is especially important to promote blood flow to hair follicles for growth as well as daily maintenance. On top of taking care of your hair, your skin should also remain a priority!

Finding a skin moisturizer that’s right for you can transform your skin and body from dry to smooth even when the weather makes it tougher on you. Carving out a routine and time to care for your body can do wonders for feeling your best during the winter months and keeping you from playing catch-up come springtime.


As winter approaches, there’s no downside to preparing yourself for the months that lie ahead. Most of the battle is mental, so by caring for yourself you are only helping go into the season with a positive mindset. Getting into a positive workout groove, taking time to be self-aware of your mental health, and following a self-care routine that benefits your appearance can all pay dividends down the line. While these are great things to keep in mind for winter, they’re truly lifestyle tips you can take with you year-round with a little tweaking! 

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