Do You Have Trouble Sleeping? Try Thee Steps To Fix Your Schedule

Do You Have Trouble Sleeping? Try Thee Steps To Fix Your Schedule

Undoubtedly everyone’s regular schedule has been messed up lately since the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus. As things are getting back to normal and we are shifting back to the old routine, our daily organization has gotten pretty off track once again and so is our sleep routine. Isn’t it?

Workplaces have begun to re-open. Many of us also have children who have started to going school. From going late to bed and waking up late in the morning, it’s the time to change this routine because as we are heading back to work along with other day-to-day activities, it has become important to get adequate sleep at night so that we wake up the next day in a good mood and energy levels. Also Read: Whats More Important? Sleep Or Workout?

If you find yourself having trouble sleeping in, here are a few strategies you can use to get back on track and fix the broken schedule.

Keep The Phone Away

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Scrolling endlessly through Instagram and Facebook is a vicious circle that will keep you awake. The blue light emitted from the phone screens can cause eye strain and cause sleeplessness too. For this reason, the right approach is to put cellphones down atleast one hour before going to bed along with other electronics like TV screens or laptops that release blue light and affect your sleep. Cut down on screen time to avoid its negative effects on sleep. Also Read: This Is How Sugar Affects Your Sleep

Create a Relaxing Bedtime Routine

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Stress can really take a toll on your mental and physical well-being which ultimately leads to affecting your sleeping pattern. Luckily, you can lower the burden of stress and take away the tension by performing some personal relaxation techniques everyday before going to bed. Try to follow the same bedtime routine everyday such as reading a book, listening to relaxing music, taking a warm bath, brushing your teeth. Performing these actions everyday will naturally indicate to your body that it’s time to sleep. Also Read: Weighted Blanket for Anxiety And Insomnia: Does It Work?

You can also try light stretching or yoga to prepare yourself to sleep. Strictly avoid aggressive workouts before sleep because this can cause another challenge for your sleep.

Sleep in an Ideal Environment

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Honestly, our environment plays a big role in our sleeping patterns. You will definitely have trouble sleeping in a loud environment, with lights on, on an uncomfortable bed or poor quality mattress. For this reason, keep these little things in mind if you look forward to better sleep. Set the mood right by keeping your bedroom quiet, dark, and cool.

manage stress better

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Take one step at a time to slowly fix your schedule. You might face difficulty in getting adapted to the new routine but gradually your body will get used to it. Meanwhile, don’t fret about the speed of the progress because it varies from person to person. Night time is not to think about your work tasks, relationship problems, or emails. Instead be grateful for your achievements and manifest all the good things coming on your way.   

Have A Healthy Diet

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Experts say to limit caffeine as its consumption leads to low-quality sleep, especially in the later afternoon and evening. Besides that, nutritionists also recommend eating nutrient-enriched food that your body needs to maintain adequate sleep. A diet containing essential vitamins and minerals makes it easier to get a great night’s sleep. Also, try not to eat too late to avoid the risk of acid reflux which could wake you up in the night.

If you are too occupied to cook healthy meals, choose an authentic tiffin service for regular homestyle meals to get all the healthy nutrients.

Stick To Your Sleep Schedule

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Go to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday to maintain a consistent sleep schedule. Changes do not come overnight so you need to be patient and trust the process. Sleeping late even one night can ruin your entire efforts to fix the broken schedule. So, stick with your plan.

If the above strategies don’t work, schedule an appointment with your nearby healthcare provider for the expertise. They would be able to diagnose any medical condition to help you fix your sleeping schedule.

Now that you know the tips to get your body clock back to track, let’s know some amazing reasons that you can enjoy after getting a good night’s rest.

  • Better productivity and focus on work
  • Lower risk of obesity
  • More energy to get going through the day
  • Lower stress-level or anxiety
  • Better immune system

Final Thoughts

The sudden change in daily routine has left many of us tossing and turning in bed all night called sleep deprivation, which is a serious issue and dangerous for the overall well-being. But, the good news is that there is always room for adjustments. Therefore, bring the suggested tips into your daily routine one by one and wait until it becomes part of your regular routine. Once you have reached your goal make sure you follow it consistently. All the best!

Also, if you need some extra help, Yoga Nidra works really well with sleep. Try this out!

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