Body positivity is a social movement promoting acceptance of all body types. The origins of the movement date all the way back to the Victorian Era, with women rejecting restrictive corsets for more practical and comfortable clothing. Also Read: Is Chronic Positive Thinking Bad for You?

Now referred to as the Victorian Dress Reform, this movement spawned conversations on standards of beauty and acceptance of different body types. 

Today’s body positivity movement aims to show that beauty isn’t a set of numbers but a spectrum. It promotes acceptance of all body types regardless of size, shape, skin tone, gender, or physical appearance. 

What Is A Healthy Body Image?

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Body image is a combination of one’s perceived and ideal body image. Positive body image is important because of its impact on how we view ourselves. When a person’s realistic body and their ideal body images do not match, this can often lead to mental health issues such as eating disorders, mood disorders, and anxiety disorders. Several serious eating disorders are centred around body image concerns.

What Body Positivity Means for Your Mental Health?

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A positive body image is an important component of mental health. People with negative body images tend to experience more anxiety and depression, this can lead to an overly critical self-image. The body positivity movement promotes people to feel empowered and beautiful in the bodies they’re in. Crucially, the social media movement has been linked to a more positive body image. 

Take Charge

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A lot of people struggle with their body image, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. For many, reaching out for help is difficult, but it can make a huge difference. Untreated body image issues can lead to disordered eating and even body dysmorphia. Many people find that dieting and going to the gym can help increase their confidence. Also Read: Why Mental Health Counselling Is important

The flip side is that these things can also cause people to hold themselves to unrealistic and damaging standards. There is help however; therapy can be a powerful tool, and affordable online counseling can be a convenient and effective option for those who are on the go a lot or have busy and unpredictable schedules. Also

The body positivity movement urges us to be comfortable in the bodies we have, and allows us to support others in their journey to self love.  This is a crucial part of self-acceptance and mental health. All bodies are beautiful, your body is beautiful, and you deserve to feel good about it! 

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