My name is Neha Ghosh and I am love to eat what I love, exercise and live ailment free. I am also a Certified Diet Therapist, Editorial Strategist and Writer.

This website is my attempt to provide zero bullshit information for those who wish to get fit, but without feeling like they are giving up the best things in life. It’s all about simple steps one can take every day to feel great and look fabulous. It’s not about eating salads and doing endless hours of cardio. It’s time to get better, faster, stronger and healthier.

For collaborations/ advertising and editorial inquiries email:

Neha G, Founder, and Editor In Chief  @ ptcbdnow@gmail.com.



  1. Hey what’s going on. I saw your page and I wanted to introduce myself. Im Isaac, Im an ex Marine and also an avid lifter. I was actually in the NPC Daytona Beach Classic in September. I placed 4th in my weight division. It was a great experience and I look forward to the next challenge. I ask that you please follow back as I only have 6 rite now lol Also how have you maintained your blog. Where does your motivation come from to blog everyday??
    I patiently await your response.
    Isaac Hall


  2. Dear Neha,

    We have recently launched a sports & fitness app on play store namely JumpSum The Sports Match Maker

    The app enables fitness and sports Enthusiast to connect with one another, with trainers, get fitness tips & mantras from your connections, join or create activities of your own or know which gym/ yoga class or club to go to.

    Your review and sharing with your tribe would be great for us.


  3. Hey Owner of Great Site,
    I’m Ghanshyam from indianfemalefitness.com. I’ve been following your blog for a while – very creative link building strategies.
    Would you be interested in partnership on your site?
    You Just have to put us in your RSS and we put a Badge of your site on our website . It’s a win win for both of us .
    We do not get involved in your content in any way – your unique voice is what makes it so good.
    If you’re interested
    Please do reply back
    Ghanshyam Hirani


  4. I saw your blog’s home page and it’s really well made. Congratulations.
    Further, I keep writing blogs on good health. You can have a look at my blog if you want to.

    Thank you


  5. Hi Neha,
    We’d met years back while working together on a food guide in Mumbai and eventually lost touch. Great to see how this blog has shaped up. I am a recent convert to fitness myself. Would love to interview you for my lifestyle redesign blog. Check it out:


  6. hi. I went through your blog and I must say it is well designed and really good contents.
    By the way, I am a newbie in blogging and I have a small blog about Indian fashion and fitness. I would like to do a guest writing in your blog. Please let me know.


  7. Hi,
    We have launched a chemical free Cold Pressed Kachi Ghani SAFFLOWER Cooking Oil. We wish to make aware of this product to all those who wish to switch from refined oil to virgin, unrefined and 100% pure cooking Oil.


  8. Hi Neha! Would you like to write about my little jars of liquid gold:-). I am a manuka honey merchant and would love it if you could write about my jars of goodness. I see you are a marathoner. I know of athletes here in
    New Zealand who have manuka honey (certified and pure only) to recoup from the run. Please contact me and I can send you a jar:-) kiwimantra@gmail.com


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