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The importance of yoga
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Why Should You Choose Yoga?

Because life cannot move in a linear line.

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Is Avocado Oil Better Than Olive Oil?

For years now, olive oil has enjoyed being the topmost commonly chosen oil by health fanatics and those looking to reduce their cholesterol levels. It is true that olive oil is a healthy alternative to refined vegetable oil, butter, ghee and lard. However, is it the ONLY healthy oil option out there?


5 Wonderful Wellness Tips from Around the World

There are some communities around the world that have learnt to prolong death. Through a mix of good diet, lifestyle practices and healthy social engagement, these communities have a high longevity, where the average lifespan is around 100 years old. Have these people discovered the Fountain of Youth? Or are they doing something so simple yet effective, we all should be doing it too?

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Fried Food Or Sweets: What Should You Choose?

If you love to eat and indulge yourself occasionally in various sweetmeats, opting for healthy eatables can be tedious and challenging. And why shouldn’t it be right? There is so much information about the side effects of certain types of food and cooking techniques that it can get baffling.