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Food therapy

5 Eating Habits That Is Making You Fat

If you are shocked by the numbers you see every time you stand on the weighing scale, despite trying to eat healthy and also manage to work out 4 to 5 times a week, chances are you have
your eating habits to blame.

Food therapy

Is Avocado Oil Better Than Olive Oil?

For years now, olive oil has enjoyed being the topmost commonly chosen oil by health fanatics and those looking to reduce their cholesterol levels. It is true that olive oil is a healthy alternative to refined vegetable oil, butter, ghee and lard. However, is it the ONLY healthy oil option out there?

Food therapy

Fried Food Or Sweets: What Should You Choose?

If you love to eat and indulge yourself occasionally in various sweetmeats, opting for healthy eatables can be tedious and challenging. And why shouldn’t it be right? There is so much information about the side effects of certain types of food and cooking techniques that it can get baffling.

Food therapy

Here’s Why You Should Add Tea To Your Spice Rack

If you think that one of lives greatest pleasures is sipping a warm cup of tea, have you also often wondered what more can you do which this intoxicating, refreshing and versatile kitchen staple? If so, we have for you a great article…one that tells you why tea could be the perfect way to update your spice rack too!