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5 Simple Ways To Be Happy Everyday
Mental Health

5 Simple Ways To Be Happy Everyday

Most of us find it easy to stay happy from time to time but aren’t really able to maintain this positive state of mind all the time.


Meditation Is The Only Way To Deal With Stress

Today we all know that stress is bad for us. And the fact is; nothing works to beat stress the way meditation can. When you learn to spend some quality time meditating every day, you gain more control over your thoughts and are able to channel positive energy, which will permeate through all aspects of your life and will help you deal with stressful situations a lot better.

Mental Health

Feeling Sad? Then Avoid These 5 Foods

Ever wondered about the connection between food and your emotions? Well, there sure is one! After all, if thick crust pizza loaded with cheese and a warm bowl of chicken linguine soup can make you feel happy, there are a few foods that can actually make you sad too.