Lavender Oil to Treat Anxiety? Yes, It Works

For some the cause of their anxiety disorder is obvious – a trauma or life-changing event. While, for others there is no specific trigger.

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Mental Health; Multitasking Is Harming Your Brain More Than You Know

By Daniel J. Levitin Our cell phones have become Swiss Army knife–like appliances that include a dictionary, calculator, Web browser, e-mail client, Game Boy, appointment calendar, voice recorder, guitar tuner, weather forecaster, GPS, texter, tweeter, Facebook updater, and flashlight. They’re more powerful and do more things than the most advanced computer at IBM corporate headquarters…

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Sleep Paralysis; Why Is It So Scary?

Well, science has an explanation for this scary yet common phenomena – it’s called Sleep Paralysis. And while it might leave you so frightened you become a true believer, most doctors do not consider sleep paralysis as a dangerous medical condition. So, what exactly is going on, and should you really be worried along with…

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