Oral Health: 5 Major Don’ts When It Comes to Oral Care

By Guest Author Dr. Joseph Zelig Having healthy teeth is something most people want, yet most seem to be challenged when it comes to keeping their teeth healthy.  Everyone enjoys flashing a friendly smile with shiny white teeth, and no one wants to worry about decay, gaps, yellowing, or missing teeth. In addition, these problems as […]

Alternative Healing: Can Homeopathy Help Cure Migraine?

By Guest Author Dr. Mukesh Batra Migraine is a complex syndrome. It affects millions of people worldwide. What distinguishes the disorder, from other types of headache, is periodic or episodic ache, or pain.  Migraine usually affects people in their mid-20s, or 30s, especially ‘meticulous-achievers.’ Interestingly, it is also ‘common’ in children. Migraine attacks have an […]

Painful Summer: Migraine Triggers Bring a Season of Misery for Many

It’s a difficult time of year for frequent migraine sufferer Nancy Scuri. Certain weather and atmospheric factors affect her sinuses, which, in turn, trigger her debilitating headaches. “If a storm comes in where barometric pressure changes, that can affect me and set off a migraine,” she said. “I also have an allergy to tree pollen, […]

Don’t Let Work Stress Come Home With You; But How?

Early morning traffic rush to get to office…lunch meeting, approaching deadline for the presentation, achieving targets, office politics, nagging boss, and annoying colleagues…phew! Don’t we all wish to go back to the early and stress free college days where life and simple and uncomplicated unlike the madness of work and adult life?  But alas! Unless […]

Its True! Men Who Don’t Brush Their Teeth Regularly Are More Likely To Have Erection Problems.

Men who regularly brush their teeth – thereby reducing their risk of gum disease – are less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than their less hygienic counterparts. New research has suggested those who suffer from inflamed gums are three times more likely to have trouble getting aroused. The Turkish scientists who led the study […]

Men And Penis Health: It Simply Can’t Be Ignored.

The penis is easily a man’s most guarded and revered appendage. As such, the penis commands a level of care and respect. We’re all familiar with the importance of wearing condoms in certain situations, but proper penis health care certainly doesn’t end there. Let’s review some tips on proper care that will keep you — and your unit — […]