Do Men Go Through Menopause? Yes, It’s Called Andropause

Yes, a man’s ‘mid-life’ crisis is no longer a laughing matter. Male menopause is very real and quite unnerving, and it’s recognized as Andropause in most of the English speaking world.

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5 Wonderful Wellness Tips from Around the World

There are some communities around the world that have learnt to prolong death. Through a mix of good diet, lifestyle practices and healthy social engagement, these communities have a high longevity, where the average lifespan is around 100 years old. Have these people discovered the Fountain of Youth? Or are they doing something so simple yet effective, we all should be doing it too?

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Why Mental Health Counselling is Important

Whether it is because there is more awareness, better technology, more mental illness, or because of all the media hype, it seems like mental illnesses are being blamed for everything from oversleeping to shooting people. Not to make light of mental illnesses, but there also seem to be more types of mental health disorders nowadays.…

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