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4 Surprising Tips For Getting Flat Abs.

You’ve got it down. You stopped crunching and drinking beer, and you started interval training and doing planks—and maybe you even tossed in some yoga and Pilates. You’ve almost completely shed that pesky layer of fat that was hiding the six-pack you always knew was there, and now it’s time for the finishing touches. Subtle […]


Can High Heels Trigger Migraines?

Sarah Palin managed to campaign as a vice presidential candidate in Naughty Monkey heels, but don’t expect presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann to do the same. Bachmann, reports The Daily Caller website, suffers from migraine headaches, and has told staffers that wearing high heels seems to trigger the attacks. According to one of her advisors, The […]


Is Your Diet Making You Bald?

For centuries, men have suspected there was something unnatural about losing one’s hair. In the 19th century, doctors started calling it a “disease of civilization,” blaming the rising rates of baldness on such phenomena as hat-wearing. Eventually, this theory was disproved by the discovery of genes linked to hair loss. Everything seemed settled, but new […]