The Simplest and Easiest Way to Deal With An Anxiety Attack

In the moment, anxiety attacks feel like a boulder has been hurled at your chest. Amidst the breathlessness, all you need to 30 seconds.

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Why Mental Health Counselling is Important

Whether it is because there is more awareness, better technology, more mental illness, or because of all the media hype, it seems like mental illnesses are being blamed for everything from oversleeping to shooting people. Not to make light of mental illnesses, but there also seem to be more types of mental health disorders nowadays.…

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Learning To Recognize Suicide Risk

It’s no secret that modern society has a problem when it comes to talking about mental health. We seldom hear about it from friends, on social media, or even in popular films or television. Naturally, there’s something of a stigma around the issue, and one person writing about it even simplified things further, suggesting that…

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