Amazing Sweaty 45 Min Yoga for Strength And Calmness

Is there anything better than a good yoga session? Nope, there isn’t.

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5 Benefits of Hatha Yoga

If you are the kind of person who prefers a fast workout that promises lots of calories burned and quick weight loss, chances are that you never considered Yoga. Yes, while yoga may not burn as many calories as a HIIT workout, it can be particularly helpful if you are feeling stressed, stiff, inflexible and emotionally overwhelmed.

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Is the Way You Do Kapalbhati Killing You?

Do you depend on TV-taught Pranayam for your daily dose of exercise? Today many experts are concerned about the dangers of the TV-yoga craze. You find people selling “Kapalbhati” as a short cut to improved health, as it has grown immensely popular because of its merits as a potent stress reliever. However, the truth is…

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